Chandhbali Earrings- A trend that is still loved by all

A woman's attire is never complete until she puts her earrings on! So, can you deny the fact that Chandbali Earrings add a touch of class to a woman's ensemble? Definitely, not! In fact, it is one of those accessories of choice for the well-dressed and trendy look, that radiate intricacy and grace. Your earrings are a head turner. It is an accessory that provides you the way to compliment your wardrobe in most of the occasions.
Chandhbali earrings belong to the rich-old custom of India. Chandbali Earrings were created during the Mughal otherwise Nizam age in Hyderabad. Throughout the era of Nizams, the pearls were carried to India in plenty, and thus it gave rise to pearl jewelry that is still very much popular, and women love to wear it. In fact, how can we just ignore the fact that even today the Hyderabad city is recognized for offering wide designs of “Chandbali Earrings”. More Hyderabadi Chandbali earrings have a distinct uniqueness plus design which gives them actually royal and exceptional look.  

Hyderabad is the birthplace of Chandbali Earring. The most remarkable aspect of Hyderabadi chandbali is that it comprises of premium excellence pearls. The artistic and regal touch is the main subject of Hyderabadi chandbalis.
The Chandbali flair of jewelry is not something new. This grace of jewelry was very famous among the maharanis or princess of Indian history. Nowadays the popularity of chandbali jewelry is still alive and thanks to our Bollywood divas who are frequently seen wearing these spectacular earrings in various events and movies. How can we forget the oversized chandbali earring Deepika Padukone wore in Ramleela, and it comes to be recognized as Ramleela Earring.

Designs are still popular

Chandbali could be described as a ‘bali’ otherwise ring styled dangler that has a form indicative of the crescent formed moon otherwise ‘chand.’ Traditionally fashioned Chandbali jewelry features typically floral themes while more modern styled pieces, for example, the Mehrunisa Earring have a more contemporary edge. Chandbali jewelry is still favorite among brides and can create quite a stylishness statement. You might pair these with matching pendants otherwise maang tikkas to get that perfect and complete the royal look.

Trend is still alive  

For the style fanatics, old does not hold much of an attraction. However, there is a definite style statement that never drops its charm. Chandbali earring is one of those jewelry items that has stayed in the style circuit ever meanwhile it came into being. Many industry experts consider its origin during the Nizam otherwise Mughal era in Hyderabad when the curved shaped earrings are discussed.

This gorgeous Indian jewelry appearances great with all the customary outfits plus also goes excellent with the western style dresses. Pair it with your saree or an antalkali or a salwar suit, and rest assured it would add the attraction of million to your looks. You could easily find diverse styles of chandbali earrings to complement your uncountable looks. From simple to elaborate, the ornament enamors you by many attractive avatars.

In its maximum primary avatar, you would see the plain half-moon on a gold base through little white pearls otherwise diamonds decorated in the body. Inching to the moderately sophisticated avatar, the Bali has ow taken lively stones similar emerald, ruby, sapphire, however, the size remains similar with a small sprinkling of danglers. As delightful women jewelry, it intrigues each woman with its thrilling samples.

Thus, if you are in love with the moon as well as want to wear it round your ears, visit our online shopping store for jewelry. We take great care to present the maximum trendy fashion jewels online at reasonable prices as well as in quality material. You are just required to select the chandbali earrings and place your order. 

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