Trendy Earrings that Entice to the Core

Written by Vibha Creations and Collections


Posted on September 18 2021

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", a well-known proverb, and Concurred! "An Earrings worn a day boost your presence straight away", a new proverb, must Concur.... When it comes to jewelry, gentlewomen adore one special piece of jewelry the most, it's none other than EARRINGS. The Earrings, an important piece of jewelry for women beginning from Childhood to Adulthood. And, most probably, a recent study conducted by "Vibha Collections" witnessed, Women choose Earrings the most when compared to other sorts of jewelry. A fact to agree, cannot be denied!   

Over the centuries, fashion has evolved to a great extent and also held earrings very much active. Plus, ladies are taking vogue to the next stage by exploring different earrings. Let’s dive into the freshest collection of "Trendy Earrings" presented by "Vibha Collections" and please let us know your thoughts via comments.

STUD, an easy earring for all ages!

Stud is a classic piece of jewelry that fits onto the earlobe and it doesn't hang or swing loosely. This type of earrings is smaller compared to other earring styles and this makes them the perfect earrings for daily wear. As studs are a stylish pair of earrings it's handy in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Plus, this piece of earrings is well suitable for women of all ages. Yet, anguishing about your age to wear a Stud? Oh c'mon, It's time to go cherry-picking.


DROP  EARRINGS, for jaw-dropping celebrations!

Drop Earrings are those that hang underneath the earlobe and don't swing completely. This piece of earrings is merely the stretch of studs with adjuncts like pearls or gems dropped from the earlobes. The pearls and gems at the tip of a drop earrings appear in numerous shapes and designs to contribute great attention. Drop earrings are an all-time favorite of Indian women! So, when have you planned to get the first pair of Drop Earrings?..... Hurry up, before the stock runs out!


DANGLE EARRINGS, simple & sophisticated!

Dangles are related to drop earrings and one single variation is "Dangle's have a good movement and Drop Earrings doesn't". The Dangle Earrings are simply meant to hang and swing freely without any obstructions. The size of dangle's range from various styles and shapes, some might be lengthy and try to reach the shoulders, plus shorter's are available. Besides, an earring can be a blend of both the dangles and drop earrings too. There is never a celebration where a Dangle's won't work! acknowledge?

HOOP EARRINGS, Forever Love!

Hoop's are circular or semi-circular designed earrings, normally in a round-shaped metal, and a thin wire adjunct is opened to penetrate through an earlobe. Hoop Earrings can be small or large depending on the style that clings to the earlobe. Some common types of Hoop Earrings are Huggies, J-Hoops, Hinged-Hoop, Prong Set Hoops, Wire-Hoop and the list stretches. This piece of earrings are worn by numerous women throughout the globe and remains the oldest earring still on-trend. Do you suppose Hoop Earrings are still trending?

You have looked at the trendy earrings which are emerging in India. And we hope your next occasion continues with one of the above mentioned trendy earrings... YES, NO, MAYBE! Plus if you wish to mention any other trendy earrings, do let us know via comment, we're happy to include it in the blog. And, if you have any difficulties in choosing the right earrings for your next event, please dial +91 9941315846, our team will be happy in supporting. We're Bengaluru based, though we deliver our Trendy Earrings to every portion of India. Order today and allow us to serve you. Thank you, KEEP SMILING!