"Kasu Necklace" - The Latest Trend in Women's Jewellery.

Written by Vibha Creations and Collections


Posted on September 18 2021

The jewelry is a fundamental part of Indian society and deemed as an attribute of esteem for Indian gentlewomen. Across India, women are wearing an extensive piece of jewelry either it might be a bracelet, earrings, or necklaces jewelry is remarkably familiar among the Indian society. The seduction for jewelry has been high in India and also enhances the central part of culture and tradition. Is there a woman in India, who does not admire herself with any sort of jewelry? Of course, No. If yes, leave a comment on the blog

Why is "Kasu Necklace" the finest choice for women?

Out of various jewelry types, "Kasu Necklace'' aka "Kasulaperu" gives a superb glimpse on your significant day. "Kasu means coins and mala means necklace", I hope the line is very simple to understand Kasu Necklace. The necklace is crafted using gold coins which are decorated with statues of Hindu goddesses. Kasu Necklace is a favorite selection among women's and available in several patterns, and worn as small necklaces, chokers, long necklaces for all special happenings such as festival's, puja's, ceremonies, etc, 

For countless years women have loved to wear jewels but the most admired is a necklace. Necklaces appear in several distinct designs, and one among them is "Kasu Necklace" alias "Kasu Mala". It is one of the significant ornaments in every Indian woman’s jewelry collection. The Kasu Necklace is assembled with miniature gold coins which are almost linked together and overhang one another. Kasu Necklace is a traditional Indian necklace that is very familiar and grown as a significant choice of brides and additionally delivers elegance to your bridal pictures. Presently, Kasu Necklace is available in diverse styles such as Lakshmi Kasu Necklace, Designer Kasu Necklace, Parrot Kasu necklace, Plain Kasu Necklace, Peacock Kasu Necklace, and the list persists.

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Now, Where can I purchase the "Kasu Necklace"?

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